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The game is created, great!

There is a deep satisfaction in creating Football Star Manager for me. It comes from having recaptured what made the original Football Manager so successful, the gameplay and how it all works together.
I deliberately left all graphics out of the game, even the opening screen is text..
Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.20.41 AM

I said I revitalised the game and I did. It was rewritten from scratch for mobiles. There’s something else. It is a game base for me. Having done this I can enhance the game and build more. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing Football Star Manager and gave up a lot of my spare time to do so. The fact that you are playing it and clearly enjoying it much plus 5 star reviews just makes it more worthwhile!

2 thoughts on “The game is created, great!”

  1. Thanks for bringing back some childhood memories for me (and most likely 1000’s of others). Although, outdated, I still enjoy playing the game and I would love to see it developed further which is why I leave the following feedback:

    1. Buying players. It seems like when I want to offer a higher amount (ie 1.5m) in a player worth 900k. They reject my 1.5m offer and the player’s price goes up to 1.2m(!) and I can snap him up for 1.2m even after seeing my 1.5m offer rejected. It is like the buttons dont work.

    2. Fitness/Morale and Def/Mid/Att. I find it very hard to play this game when teams with single digit in all categories beat my teams which are all in double digits (high) nearly 70% of the time, no matter what level the game is. I always lose big time when my team is single digit vs dbl digit teams. Really ruins the game when this seems like already decided before-hand.

    3. Putting a different colour on my team when looking at the league table. Looks smarter.

    4. Same with sold players. If a defender is sold (or up for sale), have the designated green colour to make more clearer. How many times have I bought an attacker or midfielder when i wanted something different simply because of the colour. Silly but true.

    5. Would love to see FM2 put into action with graphics back.

    All comments just meant to help with the game i loved. No hard feelings.


    1. Thanks E F. Feedback is valuable. On your points
      1.No it is working correctly. The rejection is the other team’s rejection -at that time-. They are hoping for better offers but may not get them so in the end still accept a lower price. Not always so, but can happen
      2. There is nothing pre-determined and the stronger team normally wins. But it can happen that the weaker team does particularly if they are better than you in one area. It also helps the weaker team if they are at home.
      3. Duly noted
      4. Good idea
      5. I intend to bring that in at some point

      Kind regards,


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