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Current game – Football Star* Manager

A few years ago I suggested I could renew my original Football Manager game, the number 1 seller that began it all.

The renewed Kevin Toms Football * Manager is much loved already, and even nostalgic for many thousands of players.

FOR YOUR DEVICE (On 5 platforms!):-

Android Game

iPhone/iPad Game

Windows 10 Game

Kindle Fire Game

Mac OS X Game

Addictive and fun gameplay you remember * Modern touch interface * Retro feel * No wi-fi needed, play anywhere * Easy to play, subtle to hold your interest. * People play hundreds of seasons * 7 skill levels.

There is a video play through of the game here


Here is a list of other games I have designed and programmed:

  • Football Manager (1982 the original version)
  • Football Manager 2
  • Football Manager World Cup Edition
  • Software Star
  • President