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Football New Manager Guide

This page is a guide to playing Football New Manager, currently in testing. To register as a tester please fill in this form:


My followers are used to watching me build this piece by piece with frequent updates and that is what you will see over time. I expect releases to be weekly most often.

If you registered for iOS, you will receive an invitation from TestFlight at Apple and it will guide you through.

If you are Android, and I have added you in, and you can use this link (open it on your Android device):

At this stage I need to manage your expectations of what you will see. If I make the analogy of building a house, at this stage it is just above the foundations with one row of bricks and maybe a window! 🙂 On the other hand, although it is basic at the moment it is playable.

So, here are the basics of the current game version:

You are playing in a European league. (It’s a placeholder; there will be many more options later)
Single division, 20 teams, 38 games in a season.
Your aim is to win the league. (Again much more will be added over time)

You can choose from a list of teams to play as. If your team is not on that list, message me directly because I can add teams at the next build.

Your matches show in a colour coded fixture list. It’s a traffic light system with the green matches normally being the easiest.

Both teams have attributes. They will look familiar but I will be using them differently in this game.

You have the option to train up to 3 times. Each time can alter the attributes of both teams, it’s a gamble.

Then you have a slider to set defensive/ attacking play. The more attacking the more goals.
But, remember this is also affected by the opponent’s choices which you cannot see.

Then the game engine plays the match and you get an updated league table. All the other matches are also played with team attributes and the game engine

Finally, this is all about the updates. The point is to enjoy observing the game’s evolution too 🙂

P.S. You can switch between portrait and landscape mode, the game still works.